© Embellished Lamb 2018 Made with Xara CH Whitehaus Greggor Gift Given CGC, CD, DD, BDD, VD In fisrt protptype of Adjustable Draft Harness Whitehaus Haute Rose and freind Chewie When I got my first Draft Harness my dog Exi was over 3 years old.  In a year he had outgrown it by 2 inches. When Greggor came along and was a natural draft dog, I had to figure out how to make another harness. It was very functional but the thought of him outgrowing it kept me thinking. After seeing a padded collar in a pet store, the light bulb went off and idea after idea of how to make a harness that was safe, functional, adjustable, colorful and fun! Each harness is custom made to your choice of colors and special needs. Each harness comes with traces. Matching back girths, collars, leads, quick release shaft loops and brakes available. Swiss Cross, Star Spangled and custom embelishments are available too! The basic measurement is from the center of the shoulder to the point of the sternum or chest bone. Measure each side of your dog with a snug tape. The measurement should be the same, double this measurement and that is your size. For younger dogs start with the size that fits them at the smallest adjustment giving them room to grow. For multiple dog homes, measure everyone and look for the size that will accomodate the most dogs. As each harness is made to order I can not guarantee that I can match colors if you purchase a breeching at a later date. I highly encourage you to use a breeching for the safety and comfort of your dog.  With the added control it gives they will be happier and more confident in their work. Colors change as they go in and out of fashion, let me know what you would like and I will hunt for it. New colors arrive as they are requested and I find them. Adjustable Breeching A breeching serves to help brake, by the animal pushing back against it. Most animals are   stronger in their hindquartes than shoulders making this a safer and easier way to control their load. Without breeching, as your dog slows down the cart comes forward, pushing toward the shoulders and arm pits. The more weight you haul and the steeper the incline you descend the more stress you will put on these points. With a breeching it contacts the haunches first and your dog can sit against the breeching giving them more comfort and control of their load. The main padded strap should sit just below the pelvic bone across the thickest part of the thigh. The top band has four straps that can be adjusted up or down to help it fit and keep the breeching level. The strap connecting the breeching to the harness is also part of this adjustment.  are meant to connect to the brakes on your shafts. The breeching is not engaged when pulling The trigger snaps forward on level ground, remember it is to keep the cart from running up on your dog. draft@embellishedlamb.com draft@embellishedlamb.com draft@embellishedlamb.com