© Embellished Lamb 2018 Made with Xara I was asked how I learned to do what I was doing. I had to stop and think for a second before answering that “I had do-it-yourself parents”. I remember my father after laying a new floor in the bathroom going to caulk around the tub and the caulk spilling on the black pebbled linoleum. He couldn’t get it off the floor so he put more on and created a striking black and white floor. He was always learning and exploring, from wood working, oil painting, ham radio, comunity theater and taking computer classes in his 70’s. My mom taking upholstery classes with a neighbor, the fun of taking it apart and making it totally new and your own style. Sewing clothes, tablecloths, drapes and bedspreads. Very little in our home was “store bought”. Grandparents that farmed and canned the best blackberry jam, even to this day. They passed on traditions of ethnic food, crochet tablecloths and quilted bedspreads. A family freind that decorated the most incredible cakes and made the most detailed hollow sugar Easter Eggs that a child’s mind could get lost in. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends that are creative and encourage the same. So I come by it honestly, my desire to explore, create and embellish the world around me.